Magic is a metaphysical force which is used a currency system in Villains Unite: Enchanted Worlds. It is used to build Buildings, Summon Characters, and is used for various other purposes.

There are two types of Magic: Light Magic and Dark Magic.

Light Magic applies to Heroic characters, such as Belle Frances and Lumiere.

Dark Magic applies to Villainous characters, such as the Evil Queen and Gaston.

Completing Quests will result in a reward of Magic. When Heroic characters complete quests, Light Magic is given. Light Magic can be used to build Light Buildings such as Adam's Castle and the Battle for Good. It can be used to Summon characters such as Red Riding Hood. When Villainous characters complete quests, Dark Magic is rewarded. It can be used to build Dark Buildings such as the Evil Queen's Palace and Cruella's Car.

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