It may be time to stop fearing the dark, but I'm still busy.
Belle Frances is a Heroic Character.

Welcome Requirements Edit

Level Up Requirements Edit

Level Token 1 Token 2 Token 3 Magical price
2 5 Forest Leaf Tokens 1 Belle's Sword Token 50
3 10 Forest Leaf Tokens 2 Belle's Sword Tokens 1 Belle Orb Token 100
4 15 Forest Leaf Tokens 4 Belle's Sword Tokens 2 Belle Orb Tokens 250

Activities Edit

  • Wield a Sword (1h)
  • Inspect the Curse (2h)
    • Gives 150 Light Magic
  • Wish Upon a Star (2h)
  • The Song in Your Heart (4h)
    • Gives 200 Light Magic
  • Resist Temptation (4h)
  • Show Mercy (4h)
    • Gives 100 Dark Magic and 50 Light Magic
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